Monday, October 20, 2008

MOWER - Not For You

Not For You
Suburban Noize Records

Buzzing, industrial-strength anthems and medium-tempo rockers with major headbanging appeal form the backbone of “Not For You”. Mower lays down fifteen tracks of wildly diverse metal sounds on this record, resulting in a listen that offers plenty of surprises along the way.

At certain points, the songs Mower spits out are so different from each other that you might believe that you’re listening to a compilation of artists, this being the major downfall of the album.

Surprisingly, this record was released via Surburban Noize, the imprint administered by Kottonmouth Kings. One way in which rock is quite different from rap is that a certain consistency is required in rock music, whereas the vocals are in the spotlight on rap albums, with a rock band, the overall sound of the songs is more apt to be the focus of listeners.

If you put three different tracks from this record over the airwaves, fans would likely believe that they were listening to three different bands.

What’s the upside? The music rocks, delivered with a brash, bullish presence and a flair for abrasive intensity. “American Psycho”, “Look Away” and “Zone” each shine as the record’s highlights.

Although Mower often appears as trying to be everything to everyone, there’s a lot of great music here to sink your teeth into and those who enjoy a diverse musical appearance that is tempered with a metal edge should find this one to be worth a listen.

Written By: Lewis Spiker

Sunday, October 19, 2008

HED PE - Only In Amerika

Only In Amerika
Koch Records

Hed pe has a knack for mixing styles together in order to form a hella unique sound. Their latest, ‘Only In America’ is a massive bomb dropped on the heads of all of the wack-ass bitches out there that have been fronting by following every trend that rolls around. I

nstead, Hed p.e. forges its own path, combining metal, punk rock, hip-hop and more to fashion a sick ass sound that is undeniably slamming. At this juncture in their career, the band has come into their own.

The group's music has always been great, but on this album there is a flow that stretches across the record, linking the tracks together and making for a record that completely rips from start to finish. Lyrically, Jahred hits on topics ranging from to straight up sexual shit to political themes to raging on the eyeliner and black nail polish scene.

Only In America kicks off with a bite on Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ intro and from there, you’ll find speedy ST style punk rhythms, smooth hip-hop grooves and heavy as hell metal that hits like heavy ordinance.

Jahred seems to gain more and more badass attitude with every album, and with good reason. This guy can do it all, from screaming to rapping to his many different styles of singing, the dude is articulate, sometimes funny and always damn entertaining.

‘Represent’ is a hype blast of aggro rap that hits you right between the eyes with full force. Hed gets into some serious thrashing on ‘Truth’, which features a chaotic, ripping lead that just smokes. ‘Wake Up’ imparts the feeling of a demented circus as Jahred pulls off his best Wu-Tang style rapping. The song busts into a heavy ass chorus that drops like a boulder on your head.

‘War’ is a frenzied affair that smacks Nu metal around like a bitch while ‘CBC’ is an energetic, punked up affair that sings the praises of blowing out the walls with a macho attitude that gets the club sluts hot and bothered.

On ‘Voices’, Jahred spits a smooth rap that gives way to a mad ass, screaming chorus. Jahred’s lyrical flow is straight up sick on ‘Raise Hell’, one of the best tracks on the record. Don’t expect any of these tracks on the radio, though, the lyrics on this album are hardcore in their explicitness throughout the course of the record, so unless Koch Records has some clean versions up their sleeve, this is a record that will stay strictly underground.

Most people who know where it’s at ignore what’s happening on the radio anyway, so it’s irrelevant. The success of Hed p.e. won’t be determined by the decisions of commercial executives but by the acceptance of underground fans.

If you had to censor ‘American Beauty’, it would be an instrumental. Mad props to Jahred and the Hed boys for cranking out yet another uncompromising record that jams from start to finish. ‘Only In Amerika’ proves this band that is at the top of their game.

Written By: Whiskey Puss

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DECONSTRUCT - The Human Condition

The Human Condition
Independent Release

If any band could be placed into the Nu Metal category, it would be Deconstruct, who come off as a slightly more melodic KoRn at times throughout “The Human Condition”. But, for a Nu Metal band, they do end up packing a more powerful punch than many of those who attempt this style.

Vocalist Skitz often seems to emulate many of the more prominent metal singers out there in his method of delivery, which makes the band’s songs sound instantly familiar in the case of pieces such as “No Way Out”. With a slinking Alice In Chains mood, “Automatic” is both memorable and impacting, while “Parasite” is perhaps the most compelling track on this record, with a dynamic, emotion shifting arrangement that includes a great hook.

Guitarist Joe Fraulob often carries the group with a variety of great riffs that deliver the power necessary to project Skitz’ brooding vox directly into the stratosphere. He delivers a swirling solo during “Time Kills” that is filled with biting melody. In “Thrown Away”, the group has a sure fire radio hit, its smooth harmonies and textured melodies are immediately ear catching, making it one of the band’s best.

While many artists performing NuMetal often play it safe, Deconstruct has managed to come up with something altogether dangerous. Do yourself a favor and check out this solid album.